Saturday, February 26, 2011


In the brash of bands the have emerged with the style of C86 & Noise Pop Johnny Marr/Garagish trend through out several years, I could not imagine what My Palette would be like without SR. I really do not like labels but In the early days of C86 just like any other faze was really a tidal wave a bands that stood out, Primal Scream, The Wedding Present They had the same fire as did SR but eventually change their style. In this edition I find that SR had a vision, Something to this day cannot be touched. The album Garage Flowers is timeless, And deserves appreciation although SR does not seem to feel the same about it.

Via Wiki:
The album was recorded in mid 1985 and was produced by Martin Hannett, collecting the band's early songs. The album wasn't released at the time because the band were unhappy with the production and songs. Some regard the production as being of poor quality, particularly with regard to bass. Their self titled album was the band's proper debut 4 years later.

Garage Flower album was finally released in 1996 by Garage Flower, without the band's permission.

The album contains previously unavailable early songs, and early versions of "I Wanna Be Adored" and "This Is the One". The album's title is taken from a lyric in track 11, Tell Me.

The Stone Roses - So Young (Misery Dictionary • HQ Audio Only)

Primal Scream - Silent Spring (Vintage Video • HQ HD 1080)

The Wedding Present - Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now? (HQ HD 1080)