Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Some things are just better left unsaid, Some things I despise sharing to the world, A world of undeserving, Here is one of them.

Kiwi Sisters are a collaborative synthpop act from Dallas, Texas centered around Caleb Flores-Gutierrez. It features Taylor Boardman of POTASSIYUM, Riley Tunnell, Abbas Khorasani, and Carl Solomon of Mexican Lions, Keaton Bly of Lumberjack Sluts, and Freddy Rupert of Former Ghosts. The group released Cats and Japan in 2010 and …For the Young and Fertile Bearers of Fruit… in 2011.

Nevermind the statement I have heard it all...KS is genius, Definitely the best of 2011! Fragile but powerful, Caleb just floors me...I hope to get him out to L.A. once He is done recording, Expect beauty. Check out this amazing track, I'm not much of a dancer these days, But if I was...You better hope that the DJ has this one! Embrace them because they are genuine with great things to come.

Kiwi Sister - Montauk Monsters