Monday, March 28, 2011


The band formed in a hurry after a club offered them a gig, and featured Badwan on drums, Dylan "Rotter" Wigoder on vocals, "Robot" Jess Meek on bass guitar, and Emily "Rotter" Watson (later of London band Boys of Brazil) on guitar. Although not in any way a serious drummer and unable to keep a steady beat, Badwan took up the instrument and played on the band's only single, the triple A-side "Japanese Punk". The Rotters have admitted they are not a serious outfit, wrote all their songs in a matter of hours and never practiced; the band are theoretically on hiatus rather than defunct, but a reunion seems unlikely.

The Rotters - Japanese Punk (DJROCCOHORROR Edit)

The Rotters - Japanese Punk (DJROCCOHORROR Edit) from DJROCCOHORROR on Vimeo.