Saturday, April 9, 2011


I have been a fan of TEB since 2006 and really loving what they have created
the last past years. TEB continues to unveil beautiful sounds to the World, Which these days is getting tougher to find. Excellent music does still exist, Thanks to TEB for giving us the vision.

Lead Vocalist and Friend Johan as well and the rest of The Mates are ecstatic for the forth coming album and have been getting the word out for support and new listeners.

Well here is taste of what's coming and can't really keep them a secret any longer, 2011 is their time! Hope we can see them soon in the States.

”The Black Album” is the third full length release from the Swedish indie-post-punk-wave sensation The Exploding Boy.

The Exploding Boy is one of the most talked about Swedish alternative pop/rock bands in all of Europe, Were the band got amazing reviews for their previous album ”Afterglow” (2009).

The band followed up the release of ”Afterglow” with more than 30 live
shows in Germany alone. The singles ”London”, ”Heart Of Glass” and
”40 Days”, from the above mentioned album; all climbed up to top 10
on the official German alternative chart (DAC).

The Album was voted as ”Album Of The Year” in Belgian magazine
Dark Entries, And Swedish magazine Zero called it ”the best album
of the year within the genre”. It also ended up on the top 10 lists in
the ”Best of the year” readers poll in several alternative magazines.

The Exploding Boy is often compared with newer bands like Interpol and The Mary Onettes, but also with classic bands like The Cure och Joy Division.

The first single from the album is a double A-side release (only digital)
with the songs ”Human” and ”Torn”. A third song was added to the single to
show the broadness of the band. The single will be handled by Hardbeat
Promotions (DE). All three songs can be found on ”The Black Album”.

Along with the release of ”The Black Album” The Exploding Boy will do some promotional shows around Europe. The first one, the official release party,
will be held at King Kong Klub in Berlin (DE) on the 26th of May.
There will also be a second release party in the bands hometown,
Stockholm, Sweden at Debaser on the 7th of June.

TOUR (confirmed dates):
MAY 26 - BERLIN (DE) King Kong Club - Berlin (DE)
MAY 27 - ZÜRICH (CH) - Dynamo Werk 21
MAY 30 - HAMBURG (DE) - Hit The North
JUNE 01 - FRANKFURT (DE) - Das Bett
JUNE 02 - KÖLN (DE) - Underground
JUNE 07 - STOCKHOLM (SE) - Debaser Slussen (+ Lowe)

”The Human EP” digital World Wide release: April 15
”The Black Album” world wide release: May 20

Listen To An Exclusive Track From The Human EP:

The Exploding Boy - Torn

The Exploding Boy - Torn by DJROCCOHORROR

The Exploding Boy - Human (2011)

The Exploding Boy - London (2009)

The Exploding Boy - 40 Days (2009)

The Exploding Boy On Facebook